Non-Toxic Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in lots of different ways. For us, its mostly a small gift, flowers, chocolates, or a simple gesture. But for others, it is a larger gift giving holiday.

Fun Fact: My husband and I started dating the day after Valentine’s Day (he says that was on purpose lol)

I have put together a small list of gift ideas that have non-toxic products and self care items (because something we all need is self care!)

Gift Guide For Her

Lounge Set

Jade Face Roller and Gua Sha

Face Serum

Face Mask


Tongue Scraper

Magnetic Lashes

Gift Guide for Him

Lounge Set


Shaving Soap

Beard and Hair Trimmer

Facial Cleanser

Men’s Shower Soap

Tongue Scraper

Beef Jerky

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide. However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, and whoever you are with, I wish you and your significant other a happy day.

To all my single pringles, treat yourself! You deserve it.

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How to Start Living Non-Toxic

Have you been interested in living a less toxic lifestyle but don’t know where to start? I know how you feel. When I started learning about non-toxic living it seemed overwhelming. I am still not perfect and honestly am still making the switch myself as I learn new things.

One thing that is always on my mind when putting something in or on my body is “is this actually good for me?” I am not talking about that sweet tooth that you occasionally get – if you want that brownie, then eat that brownie (as long as it is in moderation)!

Today, I am going to share some things you can change to gradually start living non-toxic. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to take them one at a time.

Why Live Non-Toxic?

We live in a time that has the highest percent of chronic health issues, cancer, and reproductive problems. What could be causing this epidemic?

Through recent studies, we have discovered that some chemicals that we are exposed to are linked to these problems. A lot of these chemicals are even FDA approved.

Its practically impossible to avoid all of the toxins that we live with, and by no means am I trying to use fear to convince you. I am only trying to raise awareness and to help those who may be struggling with a health related issue to explore different options.

Even something like chronic migraines, acne, or asthma can be helped by choosing to live a non-toxic lifestyle.

Things to Start With

Buy Safely Sourced Food

Organically grown food means that the product is grown, harvested and stored without dangerous chemicals used for pesticides and preservatives.

Some of the pesticides that farmers use have been linked to neurological, reproductive, growth and internal health complications.

Preservatives are typically found in processed foods. Some of them are linked to heart disease, GI issues such as colon cancer, and asthma.

Use EWG or ThinkDirty to Search Products

This is a very good way to find products that are clean. Both apps have the ability to scan a product at the store and give you a list of ingredients and the concerns behind them.

I have been using the EWG app whenever I am out of a house cleaning or personal care product and I try to find the best option for me and my family.

You can do this slowly, you do not need to throw out all of the products you have now – just replace them when its time to get more.

Switch to Fluoride Free Toothpaste

The ingestion of fluoride, even in small amounts over time, is linked to cardiovascular problems, acne and skin impurities, reproductive health and infertility, and neurological problems.

See my links below for some recommended brands.

These are some things that you can start doing. There are many more changes that can be made, but these are the ones that I would recommend starting with to not overwhelm yourself.

Remember that none of us are perfect. Its all about trying the best you can to try and reduce your exposure to toxins.

Below are some non toxic brands, just click the pic!

Skin Care

C’est Moi Face Cleanser
C’est Moi Moisturizer
Honest Co. Cleanser
Honest Co. Moisturizer
Knours Cleanser
Knours Facial Mist
Knours Face Mask
Honest Face Serum
Alder New York Face Serum

Oral Care

All products are fluoride-free

Boka Mint Toothpaste
Boka Coco Ginger Toothpaste
David’s Toothpaste
Risewell Toothpaste
Risewell Kids Toothpaste
Hello Toothpaste
Hello Charcoal Toothpaste
Hello Kids Toothpaste

Hair Care

Aromatica Shsmpoo
Aromatica Conditioner
Wellnesse Shampoo
Wellnesse Conditioner
Clean Kids Shampoo
Whamisa Hair Serum

Body Wash/ Moisturizer

Attitude Body Wash
Whamisa Body Wash
Attitude Lotion
Prima Body Cream
Everyone Soap
Kora Organics Body Oil


Schmidt’s Deodorant
Native Deodorant
Attitude Deodorant


C’est Moi SPF 30
Biossance SPF 30
Supergoop SPF 50

Food Storage

Remember – lots of glass containers still have plastic lids

Glass Containers with Bamboo Lids
16oz Mason Jars
6oz Mason Jars

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Why You Should Get Sunlight Everyday

The sun is one of the best healing tools out there. When we get a healthy amount of sunlight, our minds and bodies can benefit in so many ways.

These days, so many people do not get enough sunlight each day. We have become so busy with working and running from one thing to the next that we have forgotten that it is okay to take a moment and do something positive for our mental and physical health. And we shouldn’t feel guilty doing so.

If you let lots of sunlight into your home, do you notice a difference in your mood and sleep cycle? Even letting sunlight in through your window can have lots of benefits, keep reading to find out why.

It is okay to take a moment and do something

positive for our mental and physical health.

The Benefits of Sunlight

Improved Sleep

If we open the window or go outside when we wake up, it helps our minds set a good sleep/wake schedule.

Morning sun exposure is best done within an hour of waking up to get the most benefits.

Studies have shown that individuals with sleep disorders can have improved sleep by spending 30-45 minutes each day in the sunlight. This is due to the increased levels of Serotonin.

Increased Serotonin

Serotonin is linked to wound healing, bone health, digestion, and improved mood.

So opening your windows to let in natural light can actually go a long way for your mental health.

Low levels of Serotonin are linked to seasonal depression, insomnia, weight gain, nausea and fatigue.

Our bodies produce Serotonin in our brains when sunlight is absorbed through our eyes. (But that does not mean look directly at the sun!)

Vitamin D

Sun exposure is the best way to boost Vitamin D levels. Our bodies produce Vitamin D when exposed to the UVB sun rays.

UVB rays cannot be absorbed through windows as they are made to filter them out, so you must go outside for this benefit.

Vitamin D supports our immune function and targets inflammation. It is also linked to bone health as it helps our bodies absorb Calcium.

Low levels of Vitamin D can cause fatigue, hair loss, bone pain or muscle pain.

Healing Skin

Although excess sun exposure is linked to skin cancer, a safe amount of exposure can aid in healing different skin conditions such as:

  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Jaundice
  • Eczema


Safe amounts of sunlight are very important to get everyday. There are so many more benefits but these ones are important to me and are the most prevalent ones. Check out the products I have linked below to help you get the most of these benefits!

Non Toxic Sunscreen

Attitude Mineral Sunscreen
Biossance Sunscreen
C’est Moi Sunscreen

In case you missed the product links in the post, click the pic!

Light Therapy for Skin
Vitamin D Supplement
Serotonin Supplement
Sunlight Alarm Clock

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Healthy Habits to Add to Your Oral Care Routine

We all know that oral health is important to maintain. We are told all the time: brush and floss everyday to prevent cavities!

But what lots of people do not know: Brushing and flossing is only a fraction of what you can be doing for your oral health. Our mouths are more complex than just a set of pearly whites and a tongue. It is the main portal to our internal organs. It is the largest opening to our bodies.

With all that being said, wouldn’t it be important to prevent as much unwanted bacteria from entering as possible? Continue reading to find out what you can add to your oral care routine for a healthy mouth and body.

Our mouths are more complex than just a set of pearly whites and a tongue. It is the main portal to our internal organs. It is the largest opening to our bodies.

Tongue Scraping

Tongue Scraping uses a metal U-shaped tool to remove the buildup on your tongue.

When done each morning before ingesting anything, tongue scraping can prevent lots of bacteria that have been accumulating in your mouth from entering into your system.

Tongue scraping can also help your breath, prevent cavities and gingivitis, and improve your internal health.

Use Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Did you know that Fluoride can actually be harmful to your teeth and internal health over time?

Ever wonder what the white spots are on your teeth? It is actually caused by Fluoride! Dental Fluorosis is caused by the ingestion of fluoride, especially in childhood.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water frequently can help prevent bacteria from accumulating on your teeth, gums and tongue.

Bacteria is what causes gingivitis and other dental disease. It is also the biggest cause of bad breath.

If you typically drink a bunch of water every now and then, try switching to sipping water every couple of minutes.

Wooden spoon with solid coconut oil

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling draws the toxins out of your mouth. When done in the morning after tongue scraping and before ingesting anything, it can prevent those toxins and bacteria from entering your digestive tract.

How to: Simply get one tablespoon of edible oil such as coconut, sesame, or olive oil. Swish the oil around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes and spit into the trash.

OIl Pulling Mix and Tongue Scraper
The Tongue Scraper We Use
Boka Mint Flavored Toothpaste
Boka Coco Ginger Flavored Toothpaste
Risewell Toothpaste
Risewell Kids Toothpaste

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What is Grounding and Why Should I do it?

Our bodies are amazing and are made to do incredible things. My body has recently gone through a lot of stress and change with pregnancy and birth, so I have been looking for ways to help my body with this healing process.

I have been a little MIA for a bit… The end of pregnancy honestly kicked by butt a little but luckily now I am on the postpartum recovery.

If you’ve been here before or if you know me personally, you know that I love natural ways of doing things. I am a firm believer that our bodies know what they are doing when it comes to surviving and thriving. I have recently discovered the method of grounding and love it so far, so I thought I would share my knowledge with you all.

Me and my baby, Olivia sitting under a tree.
My feet in the grass.

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What is Grounding?

Woman's feet on a rocky shore with her toes in the water.

Grounding, or Earthing, is the act of connecting yourself with Earth’s natural electrical charges via skin-to-ground or skin-to-water contact.

This technique was originally discovered in 1998 by Clint Ober, who noticed that our shoes with their rubber soles were preventing us from connecting with the electrical waves of the earth.

Once Mr. Ober began to use grounding techniques, he noticed improvement with his sleep and pain levels. See more info here.

Benefits of Grounding

Now I know that this might be sounding a little strange and you may be a little skeptical about it, but there are science-based studies that prove there are lots of benefits to earthing.

Like I mentioned above, grounding can help improve one’s pain levels and quality of sleep. But the Earth’s electrical currents have much more than that to offer. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Aids in muscle recovery
  • Improves overall mood

How do I do it?

Girl meditating on a log.

Grounding is very simple, you can take a barefoot walk outside in the grass, on the beach, etc. It can also be done by laying or sitting so that your skin is coming into contact with the ground (not sidewalks or concrete – the actual ground).

Grounding can also be done via contact with the ocean, lakes or rivers. So when you are wading out in the waves on vacation you are actually doing more for your health than you think!

You do not need to spend a lot of time doing this either, just a 5-10 minute walk each day can give you so many benefits.

But… Allergies?

A lot of you are probably thinking that there is no way you are doing this because your allergies will go nuts. There is a solution for that too!

If you cannot come into contact with the ground with your bare skin, try using this grounding mat or these grounding shoes and socks. The mat can be used indoors and the attachment to your shoes and socks can conduct the electricity to you in the same way.

Sharing is Caring!

I hope you enjoyed learning about this topic, I personally find grounding very fascinating. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends! See you guys at the next post!

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Ways to Boost Energy Naturally

In today’s world, we work ourselves constantly and are sometimes a little sleep deprived. So many people require their daily coffee or other form of caffeine to wake up in the morning. If this is you, and you want a more natural way to boost your energy, look no further than these techniques I am about to share with you.

Now I am not trying to shame anyone for their use of coffee or caffeine to boost their energy. I personally have always liked the idea of natural alternatives rather than artificial solutions. If you feel the same way, then keep reading!

I have never had coffee nor required a caffeinated drink to be energized, so seeing people around me that do require them made me want to share my secrets with you.

This post contains affiliate links that, if you click through to buy the product, will earn me a small commission at not extra cost to you. View my full disclosure on this page.

Benefits of Choosing Natural Solutions

The main reason why I choose natural is because it gives me more control over my body. … This is because I am controlling the amount of hormones my own body is producing.

Before I get into my techniques I use, I wanted to share the WHY. Why choose to naturally boost energy when I can just drink some coffee or a soda?

The main reason why I choose natural is because it gives me more control over my own body. I feel a sense of self mastery and I love that. This is because I am controlling the amount of hormones my own body is producing.

And the obvious benefit: its healthy for me and my body! There are lots of micro-ingredients hidden in today’s products that our bodies do not process well. When I choose to omit artificial energy boosters and focus more on natural techniques, I am choosing to keep my body more clean.

Energy Boosting Techniques


This is very beneficial for your joints and muscles to be able to perform the tasks ahead. It helps loosen your body and lower cortisol, or stress hormone, levels.

When done in the morning before getting out of bed, it wakes me up and is a positive start to my day. I like to sit up in my bed, face my window, and do some of the following stretches:

  • Chest Opener: clasp your hands behind your back and lift your chin up while pushing your chest out. You can take side-to-side movement with it. This allows you to breathe more deeply as well as loosen the joints in your shoulders and ribs.
  • Head Circles: deep stretches in your neck muscles allow you to feel less tense in the morning and can help lower stress.
  • Side Stretch: Reach one arm up in the air, then over to the opposing side to open your ribs and stretch your side body. I like to go side-to-side multiple times to help loosen everything up better.
  • Hamstring Stretch: Fold forward and reach for your toes. You can do this with both legs extended forward or in figure 4. Try to keep your back flat and lengthened.

Take a Break

If you can, try to step away for a couple of minutes and drink some water, do some light stretches, go on a walk, whatever you can do to change up the routine for a sec.

I am a little over 7 months pregnant and I work long shifts on my feet as a vet tech, so sometimes when I have a minute I like to grab a drink of water and do some quick breathing exercises to keep myself from being drained by the end of the day.

Taking breaks is totally okay and should be encouraged for your mental and physical health. Be sure to have a good balance between working hard and over working yourself.

Develop a Good Morning Routine

In this blog post, I wrote about healthy things to add to your morning routine. It is so important to me that I start my day off right so that the rest of my day is full of happiness, energy, and productivity.

It is hard to practice waking up earlier to have time to stretch or exercise at first. Your mind will trick you into thinking “if I sleep longer in the morning, then I will have more energy”. But this is a LIE!

Waking up earlier to have a good morning routine has boosted my energy so much, especially when I am extra tired from pregnancy. I notice a huge difference in my energy levels on the days that I sleep in versus the days that I prioritize exercise and stretching.

Some examples of good morning routine activities include: eating a healthy breakfast, stretching, working out, going on a walk, hydrating immediately, reading motivational quotes, or even just taking a second to breathe and relax before the grind.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration benefits literally SO many aspects of our health. When we have enough fluids in our body, our tissues can better perform their proper functions. For example, our muscles will be able to endure the long work day because we have better circulation for the blood in our body to transport oxygen to them.

Cold water also helps to wake us up in the morning. I like to keep my water bottle on my nightstand with ice water in it so that when I wake up in the morning, I can immediately drink water.

If you are one of those people that does not like plain water, you can try adding frozen fruits for flavoring. I like to add lemon slices and frozen strawberries to my water. You can also add Liquid I.V. to multiply your hydration. Here are some Liquid I.V. flavors you can purchase on Amazon:

Strawberry Flavor
Lemon/Lime Flavor
Passion Fruit Flavor

Work Out

I know what you are thinking: Why would I work out if I need MORE energy? Wouldn’t that drain my energy?

Working out releases endorphins which energize your body. So while you might be tired after your workout, you will be energized overall. The more consistently you work out, the more energy your body will have over time.

Exercise also lowers your cortisol, or stress hormone, levels. This means that you will have less stress on your mind, which would take up a lot of our energy as well.

Eat Healthy

Eating more proteins and fiber can help boost our metabolism and support our muscles. If we eat too many carbohydrates, specifically sugar, we are inhibiting our bodies production of Thyroxine, which is produced by our Thyroids, the ultimate metabolism hormone.

I like to eat fruits in the morning to help naturally wake myself up. There’s nothing like a glass of OJ or lemon water to help me to feel energized and ready to continue my morning routine.

My last post has a list of Superfoods that are healthy and provide many different benefits to our bodies, so go check that one out as well!

Don’t Forget to Share!

Thank you for reading, I hope this was an inspiring post and that it helped you to feel more energized through your daily grind. Remember to take care of yourself and give your body the credit it needs. Share this post with a friend or on social media if you enjoyed it!

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Superfoods and Why Your Body Needs Them

Nutrition is such a powerful tool for mind and body health. I have always been the kind to question what I do and do not put in my body. All of the superfoods I have included in this list are ones that I love to eat every day and they make me feel so great!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see me occasionally post stories with healthy recipes. I also have a highlight that is still growing but already has some yummy recipes. Go check them out!

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My Favorite Superfoods

Bouquet of asparagus in a white mug on the table.


Asparagus is high in Vitamin K, which plays a role in blood clotting and wound healing. It also supports bone health.

It is low in calories but pretty filling, so asparagus can help with weight loss.

Finally, asparagus is high in folate, which can treat and prevent anemia. Folate is also a key nutrient for a healthy pregnancy. I am currently in my third trimester and eat asparagus weekly.

Wooden spoon tilted to pour out the raw honey.


To get full benefits from honey, it needs to be raw and unfiltered.

Honey is a good source of antioxidants, which prevent cell damage and aging.

With antibacterial and antifungal properties, it can be used to heal skin wounds and acne. (I am a vet tech and we have used it a couple of times on lacerations!)

Raw honey is also great for allergies because it has immune boosting nutrients.

I like to get raw honey from the local farmer’s market, or buy this one from Amazon!

Arial view of a hard boiled egg cut in half topped with seasoning.


I love to eat hard boiled eggs for a snack because they are filling but low in calories.

Eggs are rich in protein and omega 3, which supports skin, hair and joint health.

They are known for preventing aging changes to our eyesight.

Pasture raised eggs have the most nutrients because of the way the hens are fed and kept.

Avocado cut in half laying on a light purple surface. One half is sitting up resting on the other half.


With more potassium than bananas, avocados help prevent hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Potassium also plays a role in controlling muscle contractions and nerve function.

Avocados are high in fiber, which boosts metabolism, which can help with weight loss and digestion. They also contain lots of omega 3.

Cartons of farmer's market blueberries.


Blueberries are the ultimate source of antioxidants, which we mentioned before. So basically, eating blueberries will keep you and your cells younger for longer.

They also play a role in brain function and memory. They can help you be more productive during the day.

Lastly, blueberries are rich in vitamin C, which supports our immune system as well as growth and development of tissues.

A glass jar of Chia Seeds tipped over so the seeds are spilling onto the table.

Chia Seeds

I love to add chia seeds to so many things to get a little nutrient boost. In this blog post, I share my chia seed lemon water recipe.

Chia seeds have so much fiber and protein in just 1-2 tablespoons. They are also a good source of omega 3.

They are pretty much tasteless and can be added to salads, smoothies, and other things.

I use these Chia Seeds from Amazon!

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Natural Stress Relief

Stress is one of the most common causes for underlying problems such as weight gain, anxiety and depression, skin impurities, and many more.

Lots of us suffer from some degree of stress for many reasons: we compare ourselves to others, we place too many expectations on ourselves, we overload our schedule on the daily, etc. That is why I am here to tell you guys about some natural stress relief techniques that work for me.

This post contains affiliate links that, if you click through to buy the product, will earn me a small commission at not extra cost to you. View my full disclosure on this page.


Girl doing yoga inside. She is on her hands and knees with her opposite arm and leg extended.

Working out is something that makes me feel accomplished, and like I am doing something for me. There is something about pushing the limits with our bodies that just takes the edge off.

Exercise actually releases endorphins into our bodies, which play a huge role in our mood. Some workouts that I love to do are:

  • Running/Walking – (If you are running, be sure to stretch and warm your legs and core up first!)
  • Yoga – this is a great one to loosen your joints and to relax your body after a long day.
  • Full Body Strength – Abs, legs, arms, etc.
  • Jump Roping – This is actually a great cardio workout that isn’t hard on your joints.
  • Hiking – This gets you out in nature and works out your legs, core and cardio.

Talk to Someone

Four girls talking outside. They are smiling at eachother.

As human beings, we need social interactions. Some people need it more than others, but talking to someone we know helps us to feel loved or part of something. Friendship is a great stress relief tool if you need to vent about something, or just distract yourself from whatever may be going on.

Try reaching out to a friend today and asking how they are doing. I challenge you to even talk to someone you haven’t been in contact with in a while. You may find yourself a little more upbeat because of it. One awesome thing about this: you can help your friend’s emotional state too!

Eat Healthy

A pink colored smoothie in a jar on the table. There are various fruits in the background such as bananas, raspberries, and a pineapple.

Healthy food powers not only our bodies, but our brains as well. I have always been the kind of person that is very aware of what I do and do not put into my body. There are lots of foods that not only taste good, but are good for your brain and mental health, such as:

  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Oranges
  • Green, Leafy Veggies
  • Eggs
  • Turmeric
  • Fish
  • Dark Chocolate – I know, cool right? (that does not mean eat it excessively)

Go Outside

A man sitting at the end of a wooden dock on a clear, reflective lake in the mountains.

There is something about taking a deep breath of fresh air that just calms my nerves and helps me center myself. I have always loved being outside and doing things in nature. It gives me a great perspective on life.

This change of perspective is what a lot of us need sometimes. We get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget the small and simple things. So get out there!

If you don’t have much time, try just going on a walk to a part of your neighborhood/community you haven’t been to before. If you have more time, then go on a hike or visit another part of town for a day just to take in the scenery and fresh air.

Breathing Exercises

Girl sitting cross-legged inside with her eyes closed, hands at heart center for yoga.

This is one of my go-to stress relief techniques because it is simple but powerful for me. It allows me to focus on myself for a few moments and tune the rest of my worries out.

When we focus on deep breaths, our minds and bodies go into a state of relaxation and peace. The oxygen we intake travels to our brains and supports better brain function.

So here is how I do breathing exercises:

  1. Sit on the floor with a yoga mat, the couch, your bed, etc. and close your eyes.
  2. Take one very deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  3. Take another deep breath in through your nose and this time, hold it.
  4. Slowly let the air out through your mouth and relax your muscles.
  5. Repeat the process, changing it up as you need to until your stresses are behind you.

Develop a Good Daily Routine

A blank notebook with a pen on a light colored wooden table next to a plant.

Lots of people find that when they have a to-do list or daily plan, they feel less stressed about the numerous tasks that lie ahead. I am definitely one of those people. When I am able to cross even the little things off of my list, I feel accomplished.

This daily planner is great for to-do lists, water intake, detailed daily planning and more!

Good daily habits to get into include:

  • Drinking Water regularly – wake up hydrating yourself and don’t stop!
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Set Goals for the day – even small or simple ones
  • Create that to-do list – then cross it off as you go, it will motivate you to keep going
  • Make time to exercise
  • Stretch/ meditate before bed
  • Keep a good night routine – this will help you sleep better
  • Get around 7-9 hours of sleep nightly

Share With Your Friends

I would love to hear how these techniques have helped you reduce stress in your life. Feel free to contact me and let me know!

Share this post on social media to let your friends know about these awesome techniques and invite them to share theirs with me as well!

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Getting Healthy Skin with More Than Just a Face Routine

Did you know that there are many different factors to skin health other than how clean/ moisturized it is? Yes it is important to keep your skin clean and hydrated and to choose the right products for your skin, but if you are finding it hard to clear stubborn acne or other unwanted skin blemishes the problem may be lying under the surface.

I have a history of stubborn acne when I was a teenager so I know how much fun it is… not. I tried so many products recommended by the dermatologist such as topical and oral medications, but I felt like these only solved a part of the problem.

It wasn’t until I developed good sleeping, eating, hydration, facial, and other routines that I saw my skin just take care of itself. Finding a good balance in everything literally cleared my skin. Here is a list of a few things that actually play a role in your skin’s health.

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Factors That Influence Skin Health

Woman sleeping in fresh white sheets. A sufficient amount of sleep is important for our health.


It is recommended that we get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. It is important to develop a good sleep schedule and to “prepare for bed” by:

  • Washing your face and applying a night cream
  • Keeping clean sheets
  • Relaxing/ mediating before laying down
  • Not eating right before going to bed

For the 1st 3 hours of sleep, our body releases the Human Growth Hormone which maintains the youthfulness of our skin and repairs the skin from daily damage.

For the middle 2 hours of sleep, our body releases Melatonin which is an antioxidant to protect our bodies from harmful free radicals.

For the last 3 hours of sleep, our bodies’ cortisol (stress hormone) levels decrease and our skin recovers from the long day we just had.

So get your beauty rest – its a thing! Learn more here.

Various fruits in the shape of an "L" for liver. Fruits are great liver foods that help stimulate it to flush out toxins.


As I mentioned in my last post, liver health is actually related to skin health. If your liver is not doing its job of flushing out toxins, they come out through the skin.

Toxins living in the deep layers of our skin can cause surface blemishes such as acne, eczema, dark spots, dermatitis, and wrinkles. So taking care of your liver is a way to clean your skin from the inside out.

Superfoods for liver health include:

  • Leafy Green Vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Avocados

This website has lots of info on liver health!

Woman sitting in stress. Her eyes are closed and stress lines are present on her forehead. Stress causes other internal health changes due to rising Cortisol levels.


Throughout my life, every time I get stressed I notice a little zit or two pop up out of nowhere. I used to try and just clean the area and apply creams and stuff but now I notice that when I calm down and keep a good routine it goes away.

When we are stressed, our Cortisol levels rise and this causes our sebaceous glands to produce more oil. So its no wonder that when I am stressed I get pimples and when I am calm they go away.

Ways to manage stress include:

  • Yoga/exercise
  • Good morning routine
  • Breathing exercises
  • Make a to-do list or schedule
  • Set aside time for yourself
  • Go on a walk
  • Start a new hobby
Woman holding a glass of water. Her skin and nails appear to be in good health. Hydrated skin is healthy and does not contain as many toxins.


Did you know that your skin is the last organ in the body that receives the water we drink? That’s right, so keeping our bodies hydrated is very important so that our skin reaps the benefits.

Studies have shown that drinking at least 9.5 cups of water every day improve our skin’s density and thickness. Dr. Steven Deliduka, a board certified dermatologist said,

“Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores are more prominent.”

Dr. Steven Deliduka, Forefront Dermatology

To drink more water, try setting timers throughout the day to remind you, or using one of these water bottles that track your intake throughout the day. (I like to add frozen strawberries and lemon to my water so it has more flavor and health benefits!)

Natural Skin Care Products

I like to find products that do not contain harmful chemicals for my skin, but that aren’t super expensive. Here are some that I like:

Burts Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser
Burts Bees Sensitive Moisturizing Cream
St Ives Apricot Scrub
(I use this about 3 times per week)
Alba Botanica Detox Cleanser
Alba Botanica Detox Scrub

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Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Daily

So a lot of you were commenting and asking about lemon water after my last post. This made me want to share something separate to explain the benefits of drinking lemon water daily.

I have done some research that is based on scientific studies and I will link some of the pages I visited so you guys can learn even more!

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My Chia Seed and Lemon Water Recipe

Before I get into the benefits, I want to share a super healthy and delicious recipe! Chia seeds are very high in fiber and packed full of vitamins. Mixing them into my lemon water (and sometimes sweetening with honey) creates a great daily drink.

You Will Need:
1 cup of water
1tbsp Chia seeds – I use THESE
1/2 lemon, squeezed.
(Try a Lemon Squeezer to get more out of it.)
Honey to taste

Mix the ingredients together in a glass and allow the chia seeds to absorb for about 10mins. You will need to stir occasionally because they will settle on the bottom. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Lemon Water

1 Weight Loss/ Weight Gain Prevention

I think it is important to note the prevention part of drinking lemon water regularly. The flavanones in lemons have lipid-lowering properties, which help prevent fatty buildup.

I mentioned the study on mice in my last post. Scientists fed a group of mice fattening food and the ones that were given lemon water showed significantly less weight gain and underlying health problems associated with obesity.

There have not been many studies with human weight gain, but we do know that key nutrients in lemons aid in digestion and detoxing the body. You can learn more from this article!

2 Promotes Heart Health

I mentioned Flavanones in the previous section. These compounds have antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, and many more properties. This means they work well in preventing heart disease and even lowering cholesterol.

The fiber found in citrus is also good for your heart, so there are even benefits to the pulp!

Read this post from Healthline and see the studies attached if you want more info.

3 Healthy and Clear Skin

Lemons are very rich in Vitamin C, which reduces wrinkles and other impurities in the skin.

Also, did you know that your liver health is related to your skin complexion? See the next section for details!

Another mouse study! In 2016, scientists tested hairless mice to see the effects of lemon water and wrinkles. They concluded that the intake of lemon water reduces the risk of wrinkles and premature aging changes to the skin.

Hydration is very important to promote skin health. Hydrated skin has a decreased risk of developing stretch marks, acne, and wrinkles.

4 Detoxes the Liver

The antioxidant properties in lemons stimulate the liver to flush out toxins from the body and regenerate.

Think of your liver as your AC filter – if it is dirty, the quality of air circulating the house is effected. Don’t let that happen to your body!

Liver health is related to skin health. Why? Because if the liver is not breaking down toxins, your body still tries to get rid of them and they end up leaving through the skin. This causes Acne, Dermatitis, Dark Spots, Premature Wrinkles, etc.

This Article has a lot more info about liver benefits!

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