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Best Non-Toxic Sunscreens

Hi Friends! I am so excited for summer to be here. I am definitely a summer person because I love the sun and water. I live in Gilbert, Arizona so that means very sunny and hot days. If you have been following me on Instagram, you probably know how much I love to spend time […]

Morning Meditation – Why You Should Do It Everyday

Hey guys! Something that I have been trying to get better at is morning meditation because I see SO many benefits to it. As a lot of you know, I am a new mom. That has added a lot of stress in my life on top of working and trying to keep up on things […]

Raw Honey vs Filtered Honey

Have you ever wondered what the hype is about “Organic Raw Honey” or “Unfiltered Honey”? Why buy local raw honey rather than the store-bought filtered stuff? Raw honey is like liquid gold in lots of ways because it has so many uses and benefits. In this blog post, I listed some superfoods that I like […]

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Non-Toxic Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in lots of different ways. For us, its mostly a small gift, flowers, chocolates, or a simple gesture. But for others, it is a larger gift giving holiday. Fun Fact: My husband and I started dating the day after Valentine’s Day (he says that was on purpose lol) I have put […]

How to Start Living Non-Toxic

Have you been interested in living a less toxic lifestyle but don’t know where to start? I know how you feel. When I started learning about non-toxic living it seemed overwhelming. I am still not perfect and honestly am still making the switch myself as I learn new things. One thing that is always on […]

Why You Should Get Sunlight Everyday

The sun is one of the best healing tools out there. When we get a healthy amount of sunlight, our minds and bodies can benefit in so many ways. These days, so many people do not get enough sunlight each day. We have become so busy with working and running from one thing to the […]

Healthy Habits to Add to Your Oral Care Routine

We all know that oral health is important to maintain. We are told all the time: brush and floss everyday to prevent cavities! But what lots of people do not know: Brushing and flossing is only a fraction of what you can be doing for your oral health. Our mouths are more complex than just […]

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What is Grounding and Why Should I do it?

Our bodies are amazing and are made to do incredible things. My body has recently gone through a lot of stress and change with pregnancy and birth, so I have been looking for ways to help my body with this healing process. I have been a little MIA for a bit… The end of pregnancy […]

Ways to Boost Energy Naturally

In today’s world, we work ourselves constantly and are sometimes a little sleep deprived. So many people require their daily coffee or other form of caffeine to wake up in the morning. If this is you, and you want a more natural way to boost your energy, look no further than these techniques I am […]

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Superfoods and Why Your Body Needs Them

Nutrition is such a powerful tool for mind and body health. I have always been the kind to question what I do and do not put in my body. All of the superfoods I have included in this list are ones that I love to eat every day and they make me feel so great! […]

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